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AWA Downloads

AWA VBS Downloads

Below, you will find a number of documents that can be downloaded and used during the Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS program.

Flip book

Download 1_2_FlipBook.pdf

Bible Verse Cards Day 1-5

Colorful Bible verse cards that can be given to the children to help memorize the daily scripture. This file contains day 1-5

Download 1_2_HCSB_BibleCrds.pdf


Colorful postcards can be used for whatever purpose you can think of!

Download 1_2_Postcards.pdf

Publicity Poster

Print this poster to advertise your VBS.

Download Poster.pdf

Day 1 Bible Verse Cards

Another style Bible Verse Cards - Day 1 only

Download 3-4_HCSB_Power_Cards1.pdf

Day 2 Bible Verse Cards

Day 2 Bible Verse Cards

Download 3-4_HCSB_Power_Cards2.pdf

Day 3 Bible Verse Cards

Download 3-4_HCSB_Power_Cards3.pdf

Day 4 Bible Verse Cards

Download 3-4_HCSB_Power_Cards4.pdf

Day 5 Bible Verse Carfds

Download 3-4_HCSB_Power_Cards5.pdf