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Summer 2010

Jesus Coffee House 2010


On July 10, 2010, we traveled to St. Louis, MI (not Missouri) to do a program for the Jesus Coffee House.  They were established 12 years ago in downtown St. Louis as a non-denominational outreach to people in the community.  They offer food and entertainment every Saturday night.  We were one of the first people to perform for the Coffee House.  July 10 was their last night to be open.  The church that owns the space has decided to try some different ministries in that area, so we were the last group to perform for them. 

Faith Free Methodist


On July 25, we ministered at the Faith Free Methodist Church in Snover.  Jethro showed up, and entertained and challenged the congregation for quite a while!  Brenda got to do prelude, and some new music arrangements she created after taking a really cool class from Dee Dee at the Evart Funfest (Dulcimer Festival).  Can't wait to share these with more people!  She was really challenged to get out of her rut and try some new things.  It was fun, too, to see some of the children we had in our Bible School at Hemans Camp.


Flemingsburg, KY


Parkey and Helen kept us pretty busy in Flemingsburg!  We visited a nursing home both times through.  On our second trip, we were able to stay through Sunday, and so we did the service at the campground Sunday morning, and Junior Church at their church.  Brenda had her dulcimer out, and it attraced a lot of attention, so she brought it back for the evening service, and played another song for them then.

Cass River Bible Church


On Sunday, September 5, we went to the Crystal River Campground and did a service.  Some of the members from Cass River Bible Church met us there with their sound equipment and keyboard.  It was a little chilly that morning, but we had a great time.  As soon as we finished there, we headed over to the Cass River Bible Church, and did a service there also.

Brown City, MI


On Sunday, September 12, we went to the Brown City United Methodist Church.  Joe's cousin, Myrt Kohn, invited us.  Brenda did a song with the dulcimer as a special during the service, and Joe did a Young Disciples sermon.

On Monday, we went to Myrt's house to do a program for her "Over 50's" group.  It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor program.

CTC Wed.jpg

Christ the King Church

While we were at the Crystal River Campground, Bruce McCrae introduced himself, and invited us to do a Wednesday night program at Christ the King church in Oxford.  There were about 35 middle school age children in attendance.  We were the kick-off for their new series on servanthood.  Bruce thought we would be a great example for them.  We had a great time, and can't wait to go back!